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"I got SO much out of working on my money mindset with Michelle! I have been utterly hopeless with my finances for years, but Michelle helped me get to the bottom of why I couldn't bring myself to address the problem. I honestly never expected such tangible and rapid results, but with the actionable techniques I've learned I really have changed my mindset - around not only money but my whole sense of self-
worth. I'm SO GLAD I did this!!

- Gina W

Owner, GinWalker.com
Michelle Wilson, “The Breakthrough Mentor”, is a licensed professional counselor, mindset coach and master mind, body, energy healer who is passionate about sharing what she has learned from her own challenges and working with thousands of clients over 25 years.
She empowers entrepreneurs and leaders to clear their inner blocks to success so they can get the results they crave much faster and easier... like breaking through their income ceilings and making more of an impact in the world.
Michelle is the founder of Authentic Women in Business, a thriving networking group in Denver and the creator of the “Unlock Your Success Code” program which combines research from mind-body medicine, positive psychology, energy psychology and neuroscience. Her clients release their limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns quickly, easily and permanently with cutting edge scientific techniques and spiritual practices which help them accelerate their results with more joy and ease!