Are you an entrepreneur, leader or service professional who is craving more ease and grace in your life?

Empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to break through their blocks so they can make more money, experience more peace & joy, and make the difference they are meant to make in the world.

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Hello and Welcome!

Are you an entrepreneur, leader or service professional who is craving more ease and grace in your life?

Have you hit a money plateau with your business?

Are you ready to make more money without working your butt off?

There is an easier way to attract more money and ideal clients into your current business and I’d love to share some ideas to get you started!


And it is my super power to help you connect with, believe in and fully live out that amazingness!

I LOVE helping my clients create miracles in their lives. For real. 🙂

I believe in my clients ability to heal even stubborn patterns or blocks in order to move forward. This is not traditional therapy or traditional coaching but is kind of like a combination of both on steroids! Meaning the powerful techniques I use make change and results much faster and easier....but in an authentic and lasting way (not like steroids!)

Would you like to do the inner work with ease to get the outer results with speed?

Using cutting edge scientific techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom, I can guide you to align mind, body and soul for the lasting results you more money, more ideal clients, and most importantly more peace and joy and making the difference in the world that only YOU uniquely can make.


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"I've had 2 successful businesses, but was excited to work with Michelle to take my personal and professional lives to the next level. Early on I reached out to Michelle for a phone session when it looked like I didn't have enough new business coming in. We easily identified and cleared the blocks getting in the way and immediately after our call, I started receiving texts and emails with business opportunities!


Also in her 30 Day Manifesting Breakthrough Experiment, I set a financial goal that seemed like a huge reach, but at the end of themonth I had received exactly that amount of money… $20,000! I have to admit is kind of freaked me out that it was exactly what I set as my goal!”

~Jen Hunt


“…When I heard Michelle Wilson speak.., there was an energy of freedom, power and peace that I could sense she was connected to. I knew I needed to reach out to her. Best decision ever! If you are up to something bigger and want to quickly and permanently remove blocks that are causing you play small, you must work with Michelle!         
I leave our sessions transformed in way that I've not experienced with any other kind of therapy/ coaching and it is awesome to see the results of our work transforming my way of being in the world!
I hope you get the opportunity to experience this transformation, too!" age.

~Kendra Vanderipe


"I got SO much out of this fabulous workshop with Michelle! I have been utterly hopeless with my finances for years, but Michelle helped me get to the bottom of why I couldn't bring myself to address the problem. I honestly never expected such tangible and rapid results, but with the actionable techniques I've learned I really have changed my mindset - around not only money but my whole sense of self-worth. I'm SO GLAD I did this!!

- Gin Walker