Michelle Wilson

Michelle WilsonI believe YOU are capable of really great things! And if you are like me or my clients….we all tend to have ways we hold ourselves back….with limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns, fears and unconscious blocks we may not even know about.

I LOVE empowering my clients to clear out the blocks so they can live with more more grace and ease….while making more money and impacting more people!

You may be like most of my clients who have read a lot of personal development books and worked with coaches, therapists or healers. But maybe you haven’t been able to REALLY break through your income ceiling or create the peace and joy you crave.

If that sounds like you, I totally get it.

I read so many books and attended events and hired coaches galore. They all taught me things and were part of my journey. But there was a time when I was really frustrated that I wasn’t getting the RESULTS I desperately craved!

It wasn’t until I learned how to tap into my deepest wisdom (an easy process I teach all my clients) and how to heal and align at the mind, body and soul levels, that I really started seeing results in my business and income.

Combine the healing and clearing work with using a step by step manifesting process and you’ve got miracles!

Here is more about my background:

I am a licensed counselor, mindset coach and mind, body, energy healer and passionate about sharing what I have learned from my own challenges and working with thousands of clients over 25 years.

It was my dream to create and direct an eating disorders treatment center, so I did that before transitioning to private practice. I love the freedom of being self-employed so I could have plenty of time for my family and hikes in the woods with my dogs. I had a successful counseling practice in the Boston area for 15 years before moving from New Hampshire to Colorado with my family and a menagerie of pets just a few years ago.

I am the creator of the “Unlock Your Success Code” program which combines research from mind-body medicine, positive psychology, energy psychology and neuroscience.

I empower my clients to heal themselves at the conscious, unconscious, body and soul levels simultaneously. My clients release their limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns quickly, easily and permanently with cutting edge scientific techniques and spiritual practices which help them accelerate their results with more joy and ease! I have spent more than $100,000 working with business coaches, spiritual mentors, mind/body/energy healers, and getting advanced training through Harvard Medical School and beyond to make sure I can help my clients make lasting change.


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